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20 Reasons to vote for Donald Trump


Labor Day marks the beginning of the "Political Season" if you will and the beginning of the final race to the November General Election. Every one is talking about the Presidential race, but there are other races to consider as well. 

In our own County, Precinct 3, Terrell, has Republican Terry Barber running against Democrat  J. C. Jackson .  The next race that affects us,  is our Congressional race Jeb Hensarling has a Libertarian opponent.  Another race we need to consider is State Representative District 113 Cindy Burkett in Mesquite.  Linda Koop State Representative District 102 in North Dallas, Richardson and part of Garland  is another. These two districts are heavily contested and in danger of becoming Blue.

And then there is the Presidential Race.  We are all somewhat dismayed and even somewhat angry that the candidate is "The Donald" .  Many of us supported our own state Senator Ted Cruz or anyone but Donald Trump.

But we are here now and we have to support our Republican Nominee. I have heard many say well I will just not vote or I will vote for one of the Third or Fourth Party candidates.  How many of you remember the 1992 Election when George H. W. Bush ran against Bill Clinton?  Do you remember who the Third Party Candidate was?  Ross Perot.  Do you remember what happened?  Perot pulled enough votes from Bush that Bill Clinton Won.

This year we have the Green Party, the Libertarian Party and an Independent running. Who do you think they will pull votes from?

WE have a challenge!  If you are wavering let me give you 20 reasons to vote for Donald Trump.

The liberals hate Trump, they call him the same names they used to call Reagan, intellectual lightweight, clown, racist, extreme, stupid and unqualified to be President. The Liberals hate him sooooo  much they want to hurt him,  There are thousands of online and social media posts hoping he gets shot.   So if the Liberals hate him, shouldn't we embrace him?

1. He is conservative on issues, he may not be the "perfect" conservative but his views on the big issues drive the liberals and some republicans crazy.  President Obama and the majority of Congress over the past 7 years have acted in a very liberal fashion.  Passed Obama care, increased entitlements, cracked down on gun ownership, weakened our foreign policy and military and added Trillions to our national debt.   These are issues a conservative President will reverse.  We have also seen a diminishing  of  our Freedom of Religious expression and an increase in acceptance of "gay rights"

2. He can run the economy.  Obama has a dismal record on the economy with the highest unemployment since WWII, a slow growth in the GNP due to over regulation and high taxes,  policies that Hillary will only double down on.  No matter what the Liberals say about Trump, he has created thousands of jobs and is a successful business man.  He understands how the economy works and what it takes to create an atmosphere that promote a growing economy. Imagine having a President that has actually  run a successful business.

3. He fights for what he wants, unlike our current President.  He will stand up to Putin and other bullies in the world.

4. We have become a nation of victims, politically correct speech, safe zones on college campuses, and the list goes on.  He says what millions of Americans are thinking. He doesn't buy into the Victim mentality.  I know he has made gaffes, but he is not a politician and I find that refreshing.  I am more concerned about what HRC has done, or not done than anything Donald Trump has said.

5. Taxes - Trump's  flat tax plan lower than even Reagan did

6. Regulation - Trump is a businessman and hates regulations.  He will dramatically reduce and cut regulations and regulatory agencies to get the economy moving again.

7.  He speaks for the little people.  Our politicians give us lip service, tell us what we want to hear, make big promises, then make their trade  deals that outsource jobs that the middle class needs and pass immigration policies that ensure wages remain stagnant. He also speaks in terms everyone can understand!

7. Diplomacy - being a business man he would sit down with world leaders like Vladimir Putin.  He has said he would renegotiate the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Politicians saying they would  rip it up is fine but isn't that just another promise.

8. He is actually Pro - Women - Trump has a history of building women up.  He has worked with many peers and rivals male and female alike, but he has shown he treats women as equals. This even as his detractors say otherwise, just to get the women's vote.

9. He is a man of sound morals - some judge a man's character by calling someone a loser on a Twitter feed or feud, but Mr. Trump is known for treating his workers well and he has NO scandals or brushes with the law. Sure he has two divorces, so what is new, many people do. He is on good terms with his exes, what does that say.  He has raised some great children, who are supportive and loving.

10. Look what a great first family they would be.

11. His celebrity only helps.  Politics is about name recognition and sales.

The one who does the best job wins.

12. So far his policies have been spot on, especially immigration.  Statistics show that 87% of illegal immigrants and 72% of legal immigrants are on welfare.  On taxes, Trump is the only candidate willing to take on the hedge-fund managers and their unfair tax rate.  Veterans, sensible foreign policy and the economy.

13.  He can bring Independents to vote for his policies.

14.  The naysayers are the career, self-interested looking only to promote themselves not to save the nation.

15. Negotiation Skills - negotiations are the only time a President is not surrounded by his highly talented experts  in their respective fields. He is on his own and depends on his merits.

16. Many Latinos love him - hang onto your hats but Latinos have the same wants, needs and concerns as other Americans.  What a novel concept.

17 African Americans love him too - Trump may be the first Republican who actually has a chance at obtaining a large chunk of the African American vote.  Reason?  African Americans are angry, and rightly so, about immigration and what it is doing to this nation and to their job prospects

18. Lots of Americans idolize him  his success as a business man is an example used by many to equate hard work and success in a capitalist society.  Creating jobs and creating lasting works.

19.  By process of elimination - Mr. Trump started out with 16 challengers and one by one, eliminated them and received nomination of the Republican Party.

20.  Last but not least, his opponent is a lifelong career politician, who was fired from her first governmental job, wrote her college thesis on Saul Alinsky a known community organizer and communist,  has had scandal after scandal plaque her career.  She is under investigation by the FBI for using an unsecure computer server for political reasons and her policies were responsible for the deaths of four Americans at Benghazi .


Our goal is to beat Hillary Clinton.  The Primaries are behind us, we all need to get behind our candidate and win this election.  If we don't we may have a country we don't recognize any more. 



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