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Talking Points from the Republican Party of Texas

As Mr. Trump continues to lay out serious policy proposals, Hillary Clinton has hidden from the press and voters to obscure her extreme left policies and corrupt pay to play ways.


The new release of notes from the FBI’s interrogation of Hillary Clinton proves that she has lied to Congress, the FBI and the American people. The latest revelations only add to the serious doubts Americans have about Hillary Clinton’s honesty and her ability to do the job of President. Click here to read some of the top discoveries from the FBI interview notes.


The stagnant Obama-Clinton economy fails to deliver the jobs Americans desperately need. There is a dire shortage of good-paying jobs in our country. This shortage is a direct result of the Clinton-Obama globalist policies that have moved our jobs, manufacturing and industries overseas.


This week, Mr. Trump laid out a thorough 10-point plan to end illegal immigration and showed true leadership in taking a Presidential trip to Mexico.


A Trump Foreign Policy Will Make America Proud Again. Donald Trump will put America First. He will rebuild the American military that the Clinton-Obama administration disarmed and shrank while our enemies expanded theirs.


The Trump-Pence Campaign is staffed-up at full force. The Trump Campaign and the RNC are jointly committed to reaching every voter in every community. Join the team today!



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