New Horizons in 2016

Vision for the Future

The next months are going to be critical to every voter.  
Being informed and getting the information one needs to
make an intelligent decision is one of the most fundamental
precepts of our republican form of government.

Over the next few months we will try to provide current relevant 
information to further those ends. 

Below is a link to the Heritage Action's  Presidential Platform Review
where you can compare the candidates and how they stand on the
issues of Growth, Opportunity, Civil Society, Limited Government
Favoritism and National Security.




 Disclaimer:  This website is not affliliated with the Kaufman County Republican Party.
 This website was created in 2004.

The 2016 Elelction Cycle will soon be upon us

Primary Election Date is March 1, 2016 

This being an even numbered year, we will be electing a new President. (None to soon)

Offices that we will be voting on are:  

National Incumbents

President Barack Hussein Obama 
Vice PresidentJoe Biden
U. S. CongresmanJeb Hensarling



 Railroad Commissioners 
 3 Members of Supreme Court
 3 Members of Court of Criminal  Appeals
 8 Members, State Board of  Education
 16 State Senators
 All 150 State Representatives
 Chief Justice of Courts of Appeals
 Various Court of Appeals Justices
County Incumbents
 State Representative  District 4     Stuart Spitzer 
 Judge, 422nd District  CourtMichael B. Chitty
 SheriffDavid Byrnes
 Tax Assessor Collector

Tonya Ratcliff 

 Commissioner  Precinct 1Jimmy Vrzalik
 Commissioner  Precinct 3 Ken Schoen
 Constable Precinct 1   Shawn Mayfield      
 Constable Precinct 2Jason Johnson
 Constable Precinct 3 Keith Stephens
 Constable Precinct 4Bryant Morris
 Republican County  ChairJimmy Weaver

  *This will be updated with all candidates that have filed after filing deadline has passed